by Tyler Barratt, PhD

Dr. Barratt is a psychologist, university lecturer, and coach based in Los Angeles. He is an active faculty member at Pepperdine and Arizona State University, where he teaches psychotherapy, health psychology, and personality theory.

Within his private coaching practice, Dr. Barratt specializes in life transitions, stress reduction, and work-life balance. He has over a decade of experience helping individuals and small groups to overcome obstacles, define and accomplish goals, and achieve their highest potential.



What should I look for in a coach?

A skilled coach is trained in psychological principles, has years of hands-on supervised experience, and can recognize and discern when a coaching client would be better served by other professionals such as a therapist or physician. Also, a coach should not simply give advice. Opinions are cheap -- and you can find them just about anywhere. Effective coaches help clients clarify their values and awaken dormant motivation in order to live more focused, fulfilled, and satisfying lives.


How is coaching different from therapy?

Simply put, coaching is not therapy. While Dr. Barratt is also a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist, he decided to pursue a coaching practice to fulfill a very distinct need: Many prospective clients are high-functioning individuals looking for a different type of support, guidance, and professional involvement while cultivating a balanced life. These individuals are not suffering from diagnosable mental illnesses, yet they are seeking the support of an objective professional as they work toward optimizing their relationships, career, self-concept, and daily life. Not simply a friend and not a therapist, a skilled coach can provide the structure you need in order to identify and overcome barriers to realizing your potential.



Life Transitions

Career Planning
New Chapters
Aging & Retirement


Finding Passion
Breakups and Divorce
New Relationships


Work-Life Balance
Stress Management
Conflict Resolution
Goals & Accountability


Concierge Wellness Plan
$2200 per month

weekly coaching sessions at your home or office
unlimited consults via text and email
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Single Sessions  
$425 per hour